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Discover the benefits of secured cash flow and quick lump sums with investments beyond traditional real estate.

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Adding Notes to your portfolio will accelerate your retirement goals.

What you can do with Dezian

Most new investors are unsure of all of the methods that professionals use, and they end up losing money. Dezian offers an experience and solutions that you likely won't hear anywhere else.

  • Create secured cashflow from performing or non-performing notes
  • Amplify your retirement account safely & securely
  • Turn your rental into a hassle-free asset
  • And so much more!

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"I increased my cash flow by $500 per month and eliminated all of my maintenence, taxes, insurance and DEALING WITH TENANTS!"

- Brent H.

We'll Help You Put Your Money Where It Counts.

"Dezian Enterprises helped me use my Self-Directed IRA to purchase my first performing Note! I couldn't be happier with the yield."

- Michele R.

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